Art Advisory

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Our services:

Buyers & Sellers Representative |  Non-recourse Art Loans from $5M AUD | 

Freeport Advisory

We work with private art collectors globally to facilitate the process of acquiring, collecting and selling rare artwork with absolute discretion. 

Our experience was founded in The Principality of Monaco as art advisors with BEL AIR FINE ART Monte-Carlo, and over the years we’ve built a network of private clients internationally.

Art collecting and investment has seen exceptional growth. From online art sales, to the enlargement of private collections and museums around the globe, the practice of acquiring fine art is becoming more widespread. With the increase of buyers on the market, comes the need for learned experts who can ensure the right advice.

We also provide art secured non-recourse art loans from $5M AUD for dealers and collectors where artwork is pledged as the collateral.

If you’re considering acquiring, selling or loaning on artwork, contact us for a confidential discussion.

Our specialisations:

Baroque Art | Post-Impressionism | Cubism Expressionism |POP ART |Street Art