sell or request an 
extraordinary watch

As collectors ourselves, we work with fellow collectors who desire to sell or purchase important references of haute horology.



Collectors often expand their timepiece collections, and on occasion, they come to us to explore the sale of an important timepiece.

Selling important and highly valuable pieces can be daunting and also challenging to ensure you get the best representation and result that you possibly can. 

Perry & Co have an extensive global network of private collectors and partners in which to rely and present your important timepiece, discreetly.

The selling process is simple:

a. Send us an at email with the following details:

b. Provide your contact details

c. As much information on the timepiece as you can provide including any provenance details

d. Photos of timepiece in question

e. Expected price to be realised

We will then be in contact with you within 24 hrs.


Once mutual agreement has realised, we will organise the piece to be shipped to us fully insured where final checks are conducted and funds wire transferred to an account of your choice.


Looking for that all important piece? 

We can source any special timepiece with our extensive network of collectors and partners. 

Contact us for a discreet conversation.